We believe low-income communities are entitled to the same expertise and expectations of excellence as their wealthier neighbors.

BlueHub SUN Community Advisory Board

Bonita Holmes,
New Jersey Citizen Action
Carlos Sanchez,
City of Plainfield (NJ)
Chesca Stein,
CHAI Baltimore
Christopher Samih-Rotondo,
Direct Action for Rights and Equality
Councilman Casim Gomez,
East Orange New Jeresey City Council, Business Development and Planning
David Young,
Housing Action Illinois
Esteban Rodriguez,
Northwest Side Housing Center
Eugenia Hill,
Housing Authority of the City of Perth Amboy
James Rudyck,
Northwest Side Housing Center
Janice St. Armand,
NeighborWorks: Homeownership Center of Central Massachusetts
Karen Gary,
Park Heights Renaissance
Karen Torrico,
AAHC, Inc. - Housing and Financial Resource Center
Karol Snyder,
AAHC, Inc. - Housing and Financial Resource Center
Kenneth Brown ,
Law Offices of Montell Figgins, LLC
La Shone Kelly,
Garfield Park Community Council
Leah Dyson,
Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.
Lissette Paukert,
Lawrence CommunityWorks
Meredith McAllister,
Home Partnership, Inc.
Osvaldo Salomon,
Lawrence CommunityWorks
P. Angela Fraser,
MD Dept. of Housing & Community Development
Ray Ratliff,
Tri-City People's Corporation
Raymond Neirinckx,
RI Housing Resources Commission
Rev. Keke Fleurissant,
True Alliance Center
Robert Credle,
Urban Edge
Robert Sanders,
South Suburban Housing Center
Rosa Pastor,
ONE Neighborhood Builders
Shep Brown,
City of Plainfield (NJ)
Steven Rose,
Washington County Community Action Council
Susan Francis,
Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service
Veronica Truell,
South Shore Housing
Veronica Villasenor,
Brighton Park Neighborhood Council

BlueHub Loan Fund Community Advisory Board

Anne Dyjak,
Primary Care Development Corporation
Anne Haynes,
Brigitt Jandreau-Smith,
Corporation for Supportive Housing
Jean Horstman,
Jim Ford,
Ford Research & Solutions
Karen Wiener,
Citizens Housing & Planning Association
Lawrence Andrews,
Massachusetts Growth Capital
Miriam Mannon,
The Food Trust
Prabal Chakrabarti,
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Theresa Jordan,
Children's Investment Fund