We believe low-income communities are entitled to the same expertise and expectations of excellence as are their wealthier neighbors.


Loan Committee

Norah McVeigh,
Nonprofit Finance Fund
Victor Rivera, Chair,
Bank of America
DeWitt Jones,
BlueHub Capital
Michelle Volpe,
BlueHub Capital
Linnie McLean,
Retired Finance & Community Development Advisor
Jennifer Pinck,
Eva Clarke,
Boston Financial Investment Management
Laura Hackell,
Independent Consultant
David Stolow,
Boston University
Steven J. Tromp,
First Republic Bank
  • Low-income communities and residents need and are entitled to the same expertise and the same expectations of excellence that are available to their wealthier neighbors.

  • Isolation is the hallmark of unhealthy communities and organizations. We endeavor to stand at the intersection of multiple constituencies and to work to break through silos.

  • Asking the right questions is a root source of leadership. As our world evolves, our questions must evolve.

  • "We must be the change we want to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi

  • Since 1985, we have invested more than $2.2 billion to support
    organizations and businesses that benefit underserved communities.