We believe low-income communities are entitled to the same expertise and expectations of excellence as are their wealthier neighbors.


Professional Support

Elizabeth P. Dill,
Senior Finance Advisor
Foley Hoag, LLP,
Legal Counsel, NMTC & BlueHub Energy
Locke Lord LLP,
Legal Counsel
Consultants, New Markets Tax Credit
Fred Unger, Heartwood Group, Inc.,
Consultant, BlueHub Energy
Mission Cloud Services,
IT Consulting and Services
Baker Tilly,
Consultant, New Markets Tax Credit
John Blassick, Risk Solutions, Inc.,
Risk Management Advisory Services
Ed Dewsnap, Microliance Business Solutions,
Consultant, Accounting
Risk Strategies Company,
Insurance Broker and Advisory Services
Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc.,
Subservicer, Aura Mortgage Advisors, LLC
FIS - Fidelity Information Services,
Compliance Consultants, Aura Mortgage Advisors, LLC
Opus Design,
Design and Creative Services
Craftsman Technology Group,
Salesforce Managed Services Provider
Karen Friel,
Friel Valuation Services
Jeffrey Mosholder,
New Path, LLC
Morgan Stanley,
Underwriting Partner for BlueHub Loan Fund Bond
Sherin and Lodgen LLP,
Legal Counsel
Shannon Weiss,
Talent Recruitment
  • Low-income communities and residents need and are entitled to the same expertise and the same expectations of excellence that are available to their wealthier neighbors.

  • Isolation is the hallmark of unhealthy communities and organizations. We endeavor to stand at the intersection of multiple constituencies and to work to break through silos.

  • Asking the right questions is a root source of leadership. As our world evolves, our questions must evolve.

  • "We must be the change we want to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi

  • Since 1985, we have invested more than $2.2 billion to support
    organizations and businesses that benefit underserved communities.