BCC Solar Projects Highlighted in Clean Technica

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Clean Technica reporter Jake Richardson highlights two of BCC Solar's projects in Massachusetts which, combined, will nearly double the amount of solar power associated with the Solar Carve-Out II program for affordable housing in the Commonwealth in "$10 Million For Low-Income Community Solar Projects Announced By Boston Community Capital."

"Rooftop solar panels installed at Somerville Community Corporation’s (SCC) St. Polycarp Village development will help the community there save about 14% on its utility bills. They will also help offset electricity costs for units housing families that were homeless at one point.

Ground-mounted solar will provide electricity for 19 affordable housing developments, with over 1,000 units in Cape Cod and New Bedford. The Onset installation is expected to save about 17% on utility bills for the affiliated affordable housing units.

'BCC’s solar project will lower and stabilize at least 85% of the electricity costs for five of our affordable housing developments in Southeastern Mass,' said Toby Ast, Director of Energy Management of Preservation of Affordable Housing."

 Read the full text here.