Brockton Enterprise Features Story on SUN Initiative Client

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Boston Community Capital's SUN Initiative and their client, Carline, were featured in a Brockton Enterprise article Sunday, October 16th.  The article, "Program helps homeowners avoid foreclosure," written by Erik Potter tells the story of Carline who had experienced living in different homes as a child and was worried that the same would happen to her children if they were to lose their home. 

Potter wrote, "When Carline Bruno-Hallant was young, she moved to America from Haiti with her family. For a while, they stayed in different homes with different relatives, attending different schools.  'I remember the disruption I had with school, with my health – I lost weight. It was a psychological struggle,' recalled the 44-year-old mother of three. 'I remember thinking, ‘I will never put my children through this.’”  Thanks to the SUN Initiative, Carline and her family were able to stay in their home with monthly payments they could afford.

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