CBS 3 Springfield Features BCC in “Springfield family facing foreclosure, eviction gets support from community.”

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Boston Community Capital’s SUN Initiative was featured on CBS 3 Springfield on July 31st.  The story, “Springfield family facing foreclosure, eviction gets support from community,” by Cherise Leclrec describes one Springfield family’s fight to save their home.  Leclerc writes:

“For two years [Catrece Tucker] and her husband, James, and their three daughters have faced foreclosure and now eviction is looming."
"It all happened after Tucker became ill and was placed on unemployment from her position in 2009 as a senior tollbooth collector for the state. The couple fell behind on payments.  But Tucker is now working as a tollbooth collector again, and the two can afford monthly mortgage payments. The only problem is, it's too late."
"A nonprofit community bank, Boston Community Capital, offered to buy the home at market value and sell it back to the family.  'Deutsche bank is not responding,' she said.  Messages left with Deutsche bank's attorney went unreturned."