Governing Features Story on BCC's SUN Initiative

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Boston Community Capital's SUN Initiative was featured in Governing Thursday, October 13th.  The article, "Saving Homeowners and Stabilizing Communities," written by Dylan Scott explains how SUN is helping Massachusetts homeowners stay in their homes.  Scott explains the history of BCC and SUN and how government could help the foreclosure relief program to flourish.

"State and local governments could also play a role in allowing BCC's foreclosure initiative and others like it to flourish, Cherry says. In addition to directing homeowners to the group's services, government entities can provide easy access to title information or utility liens as the group reviews a homeowner's fiscal predicament. Finally, there are some lenders that, when approached by BCC, don't want to have the home resold to the original owner. Pressure from state and federal governments could prevent lenders from taking that stance, which clashes with BCC's explicit mission, Cherry says."


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