Greentech Media Features BCC in “WegoWise Goes Where Other Data Analytics Don’t”

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boston Community Capital and WegoWise (developed by BCC, New Ecology, and Thinkify) were recently featured in the Greentech Media article, “WegoWise Goes Where Other Data Analytics Don’t.”  The article, written by Katherine Tweed, discusses WegoWise, a company that provides online, automated utility tracking and benchmarking.  Tweed writes:

“The Boston-based startup already has data on more than 125 million square feet of space in the multi-family housing market.”

“The company’s approach is based on an 80/20 rule. It wants to deliver at least 80 percent of the analytical detail the customer would like, at 20 percent of the cost. Currently it’s a subscription model of $5 per building per month. At that rate, the firm has nearly a 100 percent renewal rate, said Chen. The company, which essentially sees its service as a way to monitor utility expenditures, is adding about 500 new buildings per month.”