The Hill Publishes Op-Ed, "Energy Efficiency: How Mayors Can Fight Climate Change and Save Money," by WegoWise CEO Laila Partridge

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Yesterday, The Hill ran an op-ed, "Energy efficiency: How mayors can fight climate change and save money," written by WegoWise CEO Laila Partridge.

Partridge's piece demonstrates that applying hard data about building utility use to the decisions building owners make leads to reduced energy consumption, lower costs, and better resident health, and applauds the City of New York for passing a law requiring building owners to track energy and water use in its Greener, Greater Buildings Plan.

Partridge says, "Using data to adjust energy and water use conserves precious natural resources, reduces utility bill costs, and frees up that money to be spent elsewhere on city programs or household expenses. Every city can reap those benefits. It may be the age of climate change and rising costs, but it’s also the age of data and innovation. It’s time we used the information at our disposal to make all buildings energy efficient and reach our sustainability goals. The planet—and our wallets—depend on it."

Read the full op-ed, "Energy efficiency: How mayors can fight climate change and save money," here. 

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