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A worker climbs a ladder at the Mount Pleasant Homes

Mount Pleasant Homes, Boston, Massachusetts

For low-income seniors, the ability to “age in place” is a gift.

Solar panels on the roof of Union Crossing in Lawrence, Massachusetts

Union Crossing, Lawrence, Massachusetts

Throughout the nation, developers are embracing greener building methods to promote improved health, lower operating costs and

Two chefs in a commercial kitchen renovated with financing from BlueHub Loan Fund

Bornstein & Pearl Food Production Center, Boston, Massachusetts

The Bornstein & Pearl Building in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester was a meat processing f

BlueHub Capital was an early investor in ZipCar

Zipcar, Boston, Massachusetts

The BlueHub Capital Venture Fund, under its prior name as Boston C

Phil, Lauren, and their children stayed in their home with help from BlueHub SUN

BlueHub SUN, Blackstone, Massachusetts

It all began when Lauren had pregnancy problems and was put on bed rest.

Solar Panels on the roof of Old Colony Public Housing

Old Colony Public Housing Development, South Boston, Massachusetts

Throughout the nation, developers are embracing “greener” building methods to promote improved healt

A man demonstrates the solar panels on the roof of Adams Court

Adams Court, Mattapan, Massachusetts

A passerby would never guess that these five unassuming buildings are at the forefront of green technology.

Water cascades at the LP Athol hydropower station

Hydropower on the Millers River, Athol, Massachusetts

The Millers River cuts through the heart of Athol, Massachusetts, making the town a prime site for generating hydroele

Exterior of the Enterprise Building in Brockton

The Enterprise Building, Brockton, Massachusetts

Brockton was once a thriving urban center brimming with opportunity, but over the past decades has suffered from disinvestm