Two smiling students from Heketi Charter School

Financing acquisition of space for a charter school in underserved regions 

Heketi Charter School, Bronx, New York

Heketi Charter School in the South Bronx serves one of the poorest-performing school districts in New York City. Heketi meets the challenge of the lowest ELA and math test scores in the city head on with a bilingual and bicultural instruction approach, creating inclusive education models to work with students, families, and educators to foster student achievement. In 2013, BlueHub Loan Fund, then known as Boston Community Loan Fund, partnered with the Nonprofit Finance Fund, Low-Income Investment Fund, and the Civic Builders to finance the renovation of a former warehouse to house Heketi, making the space a productive neighborhood asset. Heketi serves over 300 students with a focus on building skills for success in language, reading, and leadership, while honoring the heritage and language of Caribbean and Spanish-primary communities in the district.

Photo credit: Heketi Charter Schools