Horizons for Homeless Children

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the average age of a homeless person is eight. Horizons for Homeless Children was founded 30 years ago to mitigate the trauma of homelessness for as many of those children as possible. Working with family shelters across the state, they install specially designed playrooms--then deploy over 1,000 volunteers to play with the children. Horizons also runs three separate Boston-based early education centers. 

In 2018, BlueHub Loan Fund provided a $6 million line of credit to Horizons for Homeless Children to construct its own building, strengthening its program by consolidating its early education centers into a state-of-the-art space expanding to serve almost 30% more children and bringing together a range of other agency services to support the homeless families it serves.

Owning the building puts Horizons on a more economically sustainable path by giving it an asset. Kate Barrand, President and CEO, says, “We wanted the Horizons Center to be a source of inspiration, engagement and education for children and families experiencing homelessness. Life is challenging enough for these families.” She continues, “This building reflects our confidence and excitement about the future of Horizons and the impact we will continue to have on the lives of children and families experiencing homelessness in the City of Boston. BlueHub should be extraordinarily proud of the investment they made.”