A worker climbs a ladder at the Mount Pleasant Homes

Creating housing for low-income, aging community members

Mount Pleasant Homes, Boston, Massachusetts

For low-income seniors, the ability to “age in place” is a gift. To do so while maintaining a close connection to a community they already call home is a greater gift, one delivered by Mount Pleasant Home to over 50 residents in Jamaica Plain. As Director Merlin Southwick notes, “Our goal is to keep our residents engaged as part of the larger community. Because many of our residents are physically limited, we invite that community in; children and pets and community leaders and elected officials. They all come. Neighborhood children who have no yards of their own play in the Mount Pleasant yard, and their parents picnic here. For residents who can’t go outside, our three-story atrium brings in fresh air and light." BlueHub Capital, then known as Boston Community Capital, she says, "played a pivotal role in making it happen.”