Solar Panels on the roof of Old Colony Public Housing

Tracking of energy consumption where it’s needed most: in affordable housing developments

Old Colony Public Housing Development, South Boston, Massachusetts

Throughout the nation, developers are embracing “greener” building methods to promote improved health, lower operating costs and greater resident retention. With BlueHub Capital's help, affordable housing developments are not just participating, they are leading the way. In 2011, BlueHub Capital, known then as Boston Community Capital, financed the installation of solar panels on a South Boston public housing development. Before the panels, Old Colony Development was paying over $4,000 per unit per year for utilities; the newly developed housing have a fraction of that cost. Photovoltaics are one key to its transformation. Lisa Kozol, Director of Real Estate Development at Lawrence Community Works, notes, “Not only are photovoltaics greener, they keep expenses down- which means we don’t have to raise rents.”