From the beginning, BlueHub Capital has been focused on connecting investors with opportunities in our communities, and to working with our partners to ensure that these investments are repaid. 

Our investors include individuals, religious organizations, civic organizations, businesses, foundations, and financial institutions. They are looking to invest in projects and organizations that are making a difference – creating affordable housing, educating our children, providing access to health care and vital community services.  They want to align their money with their values.  They want a return – both financial and social.  And they want a partner who can help them achieve these goals. 

BlueHub Capital has a 30-year track record of investing in underserved communities.  Whether we are financing a charter school or a health center, an individual homeowner or an affordable housing development, we work to structure the investment appropriately and mitigate risks, providing flexible capital that has the power to transform communities.


We refuse to allow money to divide us. Instead, we use money to unite us.

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Investments in BlueHub Capital are unsecured and not insured by the FDIC nor any governmental or private entity. An investment in BlueHub Capital does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of offers to purchase, debt securities in those states where the registration of such debt securities is required by state securities law. Please contact us for more information.