MIT Technology Review Features WegoWise in “A Little Bit of Data, A Lot of Building Energy Saved.”

Thursday, November 29, 2012

WegoWise was recently featured in the MIT Technology Review article, “A Little Bit of Data, A Lot of Building Energy Saved.”  The article, written by Martin LaMonica, discusses how WegoWise can provide property owners with insight to “how much they spend on energy and ways they could be more efficient.”  LaMonica writes:

“Rather than get data from meters or building control systems, WegoWise’s application runs on readily available source: monthly utility bills.”

“Building owners or managers fill out a questionnaire to provide basic information, such as square footage, HVAC system, and age of the building. Then they give WegoWise access to their monthly water, electric, gas water bills (hence the WEG in WegoWise) by providing user name and password to their utilities’ Web sites.”

“WegoWise can compare how individual buildings compare to benchmarks they’ve created with data from over 10,000 buildings. Then their Web-based application presents clean visualizations of the data that can help a building manager see that one building is consuming more energy or water than it should. It won’t diagnose the problem, but it helps identify the big energy wasters.”