The New York Times Features Op-Ed by WegoWise CEO Andrew Chen on What’s Holding Back Renewable Energy

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

To increase the use of renewables, owners need to understand energy use in their buildings, writesWegoWise CEO Andrew Chen in an op-ed printed in a "Room for Debate" discussion in yesterday's New York Times. Emphasizing the significant role that multifamily property owners can play in advancing renewable energy, in the process creating major savings for building owners and residents, Chen writes: 

"Building owners can continue to push the use of renewable energy from something deemed inaccessible, harnessed by few and relegated to the realm of obscure technology, into a part of day-to-day operations wherever people live and work. Understanding and making use of energy data is the key to unlocking a future in which renewable energy is the rule, not the exception."

WegoWise, an online energy tracking platform co-founded by Boston Community Capital, allows building owners to identify and remedy inefficiencies in their energy systems, cutting costs and leading to cleaner infrastructure. To date, WegoWise has analyzed 6 million utility bills and has clients in all 50 states and Canada. Armed with WegoWise's energy analytics, building owners and their tenants could save $11.6 billion in annual utility costs, the equivalent of taking 7.5 million cars off the road, every year. 

Read the full op-ed, "To Increase Use of Renewables, Owners Need to Understand Energy Use in Their Buildings", here on The New York Times website.