Venture Fund

BlueHub Capital created our Venture Fund to provide equity investments in high-potential businesses that create financial, social and environmental returns.  Since 1997, the Venture Fund has invested $20 million in 21 companies across a broad range of industries—from transportation and media, to education and food services, and to life science diagnostics and waste remediation.   We have invested in businesses that provide quality goods and services to lower-income communities or other disadvantaged populations, enhance the stability of lower-income or rural neighborhoods, and produce products that enhanced the environment or reduced pollution. 

The Venture Fund has served as a champion for overlooked markets and innovative business models that addresses large societal challenges. Our social lens has brought a unique perspective to how equity financing can uncover and nurture businesses otherwise overlooked by traditional investors. In the process, Venture Fund has supported companies that have radically transformed the market in which they operate.

Our seed investment in Zipcar not only supported the company's founding and growth; it also jumpstarted the field now known as "collaborative consumption." Our investment in Eating Well fostered healthy eating habit; it also saw one of the first successful integration of print media and online content. Our support of Acelero brought transformative change to the Head Start market.

Together, the Venture Fund's portfolio companies created or preserved over 4,000 jobs in communities where low-income people live and work.  Our investments also helped leverage over $200 million in investment into our portfolio companies. 


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