The Springfield Republican Features BCC in “Homeowners call for mortgage help at ‘Springfield No One Leaves’ advocacy group”

Monday, June 3, 2013

Boston Community Capital’s SUN Initiative was featured in the Springfield Republican article, “Homeowners call for mortgage help at ‘Springfield No One Leaves’ advocacy group.”  The article, written by Jim Kinney, tells the story of Rose Webster-Smith from Springfield who is in danger of losing her home after a back injury in 2010 forced her to stop working and, unfortunately, caused her to fall behind on her mortgage.  Kinney writes:

“Rose Webster-Smith of Leatherleaf Drive in Springfield, said she and her family could pay rent, but federally backed mortgage giant FreddieMac won't accept it.”
“She and her family could buy their home back for its current market price with the help of Boston Community Capital’s Stabilizing Urban Neighborhood’s , or SUN, program .”
“But Freddie Mac insists it won't sell to them for anything less than $197,000, that's what they owed on the loan plus fees. She said FreddieMac has the place listed for sale to anyone else for $110,000.”