WegoWise Identifies $137 Million in Energy Savings for Mass Save

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Boston Community Capital’s WegoWise recently “announced that in 2011 it identified $137 million in lifetime energy savings for Mass Save's Low Income Multifamily Program, which invests in energy efficiency upgrades in low income housing facilities across Massachusetts.”

‘"When the Mass Save sponsors implemented the new statewide multi-family program in 2010, they needed a more effective approach to capture the potential market," said Barun Singh, founder and CTO of WegoWise. "Our platform helped them identify the least-efficient buildings among all those eligible for funding, so they could prioritize energy efficiency projects and make the most of their budget. Since our platform has helped to identify more than $137 million in savings over the past year alone, they could confidently invest more."’

‘"WegoWise has been instrumental to how we operate," said John Wells, co-chair of LEAN. "Now that we can capture total energy/water usage for multifamily properties, we can be far more strategic about our energy efficiency retrofits and generate cost reductions. By identifying large energy users, we are able to allocate our resources to have the greatest overall impact for low-income residents who need it the most."’

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