WegoWise Partners with Green & Healthy Homes Initiative in Baltimore

Thursday, December 6, 2012

In a press release that went out through PR Newswire December 6th, WegoWise announced the “successful deployment of a pilot program with the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative(TM) (GHHI) to track and benchmark energy data in Baltimore area homes. Through their collaboration, WegoWise and GHHI have identified significant utility savings for low-income residents in the city and county as a result of integrated energy efficiency and health and safety improvements performed in homes in the GHHI program.”

“Based on more than 24 months of utility data from a pilot project in 31 single-family homes in the Baltimore area, GHHI's energy efficiency retrofits have saved low-income homeowners an average of $400 per year, making a meaningful difference in their economic stability. In addition to the utility savings, homeowners that have received GHHI services see, on average, a 67% reduction in emergency room visits due to asthma episodes. By performing retrofits such as improving a home's seal, GHHI mitigates environmental elements that can negatively impact a child with respiratory illnesses. As a result, GHHI helps families stay healthy while putting more money in their pockets, by reducing emergency room visits that typically cost more than $6000 and preventing hospitalizations, which average $53,000.”

“‘WegoWise has significantly enhanced our ability to accurately track the cost-effectiveness of the services we provide to the families we serve," said Ruth Ann Norton, executive director of GHHI. "Energy efficiency contributes to vital economic and health benefits for children and families living in low-income communities. By enabling us to target energy retrofits and verify subsequent savings, WegoWise provides important data that allows us to continue to refine the services that offer the most value for our clients and our partners.’”