Elyse Cherry Interviewed in "Industry Insight: The Return of the Boomerang Buyer" by Kendall Baer, DS News

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Elyse Cherry and Kendall Baer of DS News sat down to discuss "boomerang buyers", or homeowners who have previously faced foreclosure, but now are able to reenter the market with clean credit histories and "fresh perspective," and their potential impact on the housing market. 

Cherry is the president of the SUN Initiative, BCC's foreclosure relief program that helps homeowners facing foreclosure to repurchase their homes, repair their credit, and ultimately rejoin the mainstream economy. As with the SUN Initiative, Cherry is glad to see a trend of homeowners who have faced foreclosure able to reenter the market: "Anytime someone can clean up their credit and become a good borrower again in the housing market is a great thing - not just for that borrower, but also for the economy." 

Read the interview, "Industry Insight: The Return of the Boomerang Buyer", here.