Invested, inclusive, innovative. We're all-in for community development.

Every community needs affordable housing, good jobs, and quality healthcare and childcare — regardless of income level, race or any other demographic that defines it. As a nonprofit community development financing organization, BlueHub Capital has deployed billions nationwide to build a healthier future for all.
Programs & Services

Investments that build healthier communities

When we listen to the communities we serve, we figure out more effective ways to partner to build the world we all want. Whether it’s helping to prevent foreclosures and evictions, put up new schools or create more affordable housing, we’re constantly collaborating to develop programs and services with meaningful impact.
It All Adds Up
$2.8 billion
Invested in low-income communities
$14.6 billion
Additional capital leveraged by projects we financed
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Spotlight on

BlueHub Energy

Our first-in-the-nation pilot program aims to increase the use of electric vehicles in environmental justice communities.

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