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Increasing access to quality healthcare

Life expectancy in the US is directly tied to the neighborhood that someone calls home. In BlueHub's base of Boston, MA, for example, those in the wealthier Back Bay area live to 90, on average, while their neighbors two miles away in the low-wealth area of of Roxbury—a predominantly Black neighborhood—have a life expectancy of 60. BlueHub Loan Fund finances projects that address the social determinants of health as well as projects that provide healthcare, wellness programming and other supports that directly improve resident health outcomes.

Our healthcare financing work

Residents of the economically and racially segregated low-income communities BlueHub supports are disproportionately and negatively impacted by social determinants of health. We partner with nonprofit operators of health centers, most typically Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), to finance real estate projects that promote improved health in low-income communities. BlueHub often finances healthcare centers that are co-located with affordable housing developments, grocery stores and educational institutions.

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A patient visit at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center in New York, NY.
Photo by Marilyn Humphries

What we offer

We are creative, accessible, relationship lenders.

At BlueHub Loan Fund, we customize our financing to match the needs of each borrower and project. We are life-cycle lenders, supporting projects throughout their development cycles, from early stage predevelopment and acquisition financing, to permanent loans, and every financing need in between. We also provide technical assistance when and where it is needed to help healthcare projects access financing.

We offer a full range of flexible loan products for healthcare facilities projects, including:

BlueHub Loan Fund helps with financing for real estate acquisition in connection with the development of facilities that increase access to healthcare.

We often combine an acquisition loan with a predevelopment loan to allow borrowers to advance the design of their project while they secure the complete project funding.

We will consider loan amounts that approach or even exceed 100% of the value of the collateral.

When the cash coming in from committed project sources does not align with the construction schedule or funder requirements, BlueHub Loan Fund can help with a bridge loan.

BlueHub Loan Fund provides short-term financing for construction, advancing funds into the project monthly after work has been completed and reviewed.

BlueHub Loan Fund works with partners to design financing that helps move healthcare projects forward.

BlueHub Loan Fund finances improvements to leased spaces.

BlueHub Loan Fund is an experienced lender to facility projects utilizing New Markets Tax Credits equity, effectively leveraging our expertise with this complex program as a multi-year recipient of New Markets Tax Credits

Once a borrower has a feasible project, a project timeline, and control of their site, BlueHub Loan Fund can fund a large portion of the up-front costs related to work with architects, lawyers and engineers to advance the development to construction closing.

BlueHub Loan Fund can provide longer-term financing for healthcare facilities that are supported by the net operating income of the organization.

BlueHub Loan Fund can provide debt behind senior bank financing when a project has sufficient cash flow and value to support additional debt.

“It was a complex real estate venture with several parties involved. I can say for a fact that we could not have taken on that kind of complexity without the mission-guided support and expertise [from BlueHub Loan Fund].”

Sue Levine CEO of Lowell Community Health Center

Who we partner with

BlueHub Loan Fund provides financing to large and small nonprofit organizations across the country who are increasing access to healthcare for low-income communities, including:

Our impact in healthcare financing


Invested in healthcare facilities


Patients served in state-of-the-art healthcare facilities


Average loan size for healthcare projects

Contact Us

For inquiries about BlueHub Loan Fund's community development financing work, please email LoanFundInquiry@bluehubcapital.org.

Meet our experts

Elisabeth Davis

Vice President of Commercial Lending Community Development Financing | BlueHub Loan Fund

Elisabeth develops loan products to meet evolving needs of community development projects in underserved areas across the country.

Karen Kelleher

President Community Development Financing | BlueHub Loan Fund

Karen is responsible for the impact, financial performance, portfolio quality and strategic direction of BlueHub Loan Fund.

Ena Kumar

Vice President of Commercial Lending Community Development Financing | BlueHub Loan Fund

Ena manages all aspects of providing commercial lending services to a diverse portfolio of BlueHub Loan Fund borrowers nationwide.

Fortunatus Mbeteni

Vice President of Lending Community Development Financing | BlueHub Loan Fund

Fortunatus manages all aspects of providing debt capital to a diverse portfolio of borrowers nationwide.

Michael Nilles

Senior Vice President, Team Leader Community Development Financing | BlueHub Loan Fund

Mike markets BlueHub Loan Fund to potential borrowers, underwrites loan requests and conducts ongoing portfolio management.

Ron Wong

Vice President of Lending Community Development Financing | BlueHub Loan Fund

Ron manages all aspects of providing debt capital to a diverse portfolio of borrowers nationwide.

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