Boards & Committees

BlueHub Capital Board of Directors

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Elyse D. Cherry

BlueHub Capital

" "

Sarah Lincoln, Treasurer

Citizens Bank

" "

Charles Clark, Chair

Formerly, YouthBuild USA

" "

Maria Maffei

Brookline Housing Authority

" "

Edward Dugger III

Reinventure Capital

" "

Victor Rivera

Bank of America

" "

Reese Fayde, Vice Chair

Reese Fayde and Associates

" "

Mercedes Tompkins

Formerly, Brookview House

" "

Julie Gould

J. Gould Consulting, LLC

" "

Rev. James Walsh, S.J., Esq., Clerk

Metro Law Center of James F. Walsh, P.C.

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DeWitt Jones

BlueHub Capital

Eva Clarke
Boston Financial Investment Management

Laura Hackell
Independent Consultant

DeWitt Jones
BlueHub Capital

Karen Kelleher
BlueHub Capital

Linnie McLean
Retired Finance and Community Development Advisor

Norah McVeigh
Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)

Jennifer Pinck

Victor Rivera, Chair
Bank of America

David Stolow
Boston University

Steven J. Tromp
First Republic Bank

Silvia Acevedo
RI Housing

Shep Brown
City of Plainfield, New Jersey

Toni L. Caldwell
Tri-City Peoples Corporation

Robert Credle
Urban Edge

Councilman Casim Gomez
East Orange City Council, New Jersey

Leah Dyson
Telamon Corporation

Rev. Dieufort J. Fleurissant
True Alliance Center

La Shone Kelly
Garfield Park Community Council

Maria Luengas
H.O.M.E. DuPage, Inc.

Raymond Neirinckx
RI Housing Resources Commission

Lissette Paukert
Mill Cities Community Investment

Claudia Wilson Randall
Community Development Network of Maryland

Christopher Samih-Rotondo
Direct Action for Rights and Equality

David Young
Board Member, Alliance to End Homelessness in Suburban Cook City

Lawrence Andrews
Massachusetts Growth Capital

Prabal Chakrabarti
Children’s Investment Fund

Robert Cox
Reinvestment Fund

Jim Ford

Anne Haynes
Austin Economic Development Corporation

Catherine Howard
Community Vision

Theresa Jordan
Children’s Investment Fund

Dana Lieberman

Katrina Malone
Hope Credit Union

Norah McVeigh
Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)

Nelly Rojas-Moreno
Lift Fund

Brigitt Jandreau-Smith
Corporation for Supportive Housing

Karen Wiener
Citizens Housing and Planning Association

Archie Willis
ComCap Partners

Edward Dugger III
Reinventure Capital

Walter Frye
Foundation for Child Development

Julie Gould, Chair
J. Gould Consulting, LLC

Yetta Lewis
Gestalt Community Schools

Jennifer Novak
Community Reinvestment Fund

William O’Brien
Primary Care Development Corporation

Cassandra Smith
Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center