The Texas Tribune: How One Percent for America is Breaking Barriers

October 16th, 2023

The Texas Tribune spotlights the story of Jessica Mejía and her mother Carmen Ramirez, a Colombian family in Baytown, Texas, and their journey toward US citizenship. Highlighted in the story is the support of One Percent for America, BlueHub's newest nonprofit initiative that provided them with a 1% loan to cover the rising cost of citizenship fees, a crucial step in making their American dream more accessible. Seventy loans have gone to immigrants in Texas, including Mejía and her mother.

Carmen Ramirez and daughter
Jessica Mejía and her mother Carmen Ramirez in their home in Baytown, TX. Photo by Briana Vargas via The Texas Tribune

Mejía reflects on their journey with a sense of determination, stating, “When you don’t have papers, you have to do what you have to do.” She recounts her years as an undocumented immigrant, her work as a private Spanish teacher, and the challenges she faced due to her accent.

Today, Mejía, a green card holder, is employed as a social worker at a migrant shelter where she finds fulfillment in aiding fellow immigrants. “I’m passionate about and love my job,” she expresses, emphasizing her commitment to helping others find their way.

With their citizenship applications submitted and interviews on the horizon, Ramirez and Mejía stand at the threshold of a new life chapter. They are ready to fully immerse themselves in the American story. “We immigrated together, so we’re becoming citizens together,” Mejía said.

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