The Baltimore Banner: Solutions for Maryland Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

April 23rd, 2024

In Maryland, where the foreclosure rates rank among the highest in the nation, homeowners facing the threat of losing their homes can find significant support through various programs. Notably, BlueHub SUN offers a lifeline with its nonprofit refinancing solutions that aim to sustain homeownership.

Real estate broker and credit repair specialist Derrick Jason Smith, a BlueHub SUN client, stresses the importance of removing the stigma associated with foreclosure. By enhancing the availability of support and encouraging homeowners to seek help proactively, he says we can change the narrative around foreclosure.

Maryland homeowners can also turn to housing counseling agencies for guidance and support. These agencies provide a range of services from financial counseling to negotiating with lenders, ensuring that homeowners have the best possible chances to retain and regain homeownership. This comprehensive support network is designed to provide relief and practical solutions for those in need.

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