BlueHub Capital Receives Highest Rating From Aeris

November 8th, 2022

Independent, third-party rating viewed as a mark of transparency and accountability

BlueHub Capital announced today that it has received the highest rating possible from Aeris, the rating and information service for impact investors: a four-star impact management rating with Policy Plus and an AAA financial strength and performance rating. Aeris provides comprehensive, third-party assessments of the financial strength and performance and impact management of community development financial institutions (CDFIs).

“Our self-sustaining business model has enabled us to expand our lending to low-income communities across 29 states and Washington, DC, and we’re proud of our ability to maintain financial strength and a robust balance sheet while developing new loan products and growing our business lines. Being rated at the highest level for the second year in a row enhances our ability to respond to the changing needs of borrowers, while serving new communities and preserving the capital of our investors,” said Elyse Cherry, CEO of BlueHub Capital.

A wide range of investors—including banks, foundations, fund managers, and others—rely on Aeris ratings to identify and evaluate community investment opportunities that meet their impact goals and risk parameters. Aeris has issued more than 1,000 ratings opinions since 2004.

The rigorous Aeris rating process is a demonstration of a fund’s commitment to transparency and accountability, with regard to its financial performance and impact in the community. The rating encompasses two main components: (1) an Impact Management Rating, which measures the commitment of the fund’s management to achieving its stated impact; (2) a Financial Strength and Performance Rating, which assesses overall creditworthiness.

BlueHub’s four-star Impact Management Rating indicates exceptional alignment of its impact mission, strategies, activities, and data that guide its lending, programs and planning, and that it fully and effectively uses its resources in pursuit of its mission. Additionally, BlueHub’s AAA rating shows exceptional financial strength, performance and risk management practices, and that BlueHub is resilient to significant changes in its operating environment.


About BlueHub Capital

BlueHub Capital is a mission-driven, nonprofit community development finance organization focused on building healthy communities where low-income people live and work. BlueHub  use innovative financial tools and deploy capital to support projects that make communities more vibrant places to live. BlueHub has four distinct programs: BlueHub Loan Fund (community development financing), BlueHub SUN (foreclosure relief), BlueHub Energy (clean energy access) and One Percent for America (citizenship financing). Since our founding in 1985, BlueHub has invested over $2.4 billion (and leveraged over $12 billion) to finance:

  • Affordable housing, school facilities, child and youth development programs, community-based health centers, grocery stores, and community gathering places
  • Removing financial barriers to US citizenship
  • Clean energy enhancements that expand access to solar and other renewable sources for people with low incomes
  • Mortgage lending for families facing foreclosure


About Aeris

Aeris is the leading expert in the financial and impact performance of CDFIs and other private impact loan funds. Drawing upon our in-depth knowledge, we guide capital to good by providing indispensable tools and solutions to more than 200 corporate, government, and philanthropic CDFI investors and other stakeholders. Since 2004, Aeris® Ratings, analyses, and data have grown to cover more than 150 CDFIs managing more than $19 billion in loan capital. For more information visit