Boston Business Journal: Close the gap between policy and implementation for EVs

May 9th, 2024

As Massachusetts prepares to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035, the inclusion of lower-income drivers in this green transition remains a key concern. Addressing this challenge, BlueHub Capital, in collaboration with Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corp. (CSNDC) and industry partners like Enterprise Holdings and Fermata Energy, has launched an innovative pilot program in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood.

As detailed in an op-ed published in the Boston Business Journal, this initiative harnesses vehicle-to-grid technology to allow electric vehicles (EVs) to interact dynamically with the power grid. Bidirectional chargers installed at affordable housing complexes enable car batteries to supply energy back to the grid during peak demand times, significantly reducing or potentially eliminating charging costs for residents. This technology not only supports grid stability but also promotes sustainable transportation by making EVs more accessible and affordable for all community members.

Authors Dick Jones, President of BlueHub Energy, and Gail Latimore, executive director of CSNDC, write that if we want to ensure policies can be sustainably and equitably implemented, we need more seats at the table for environmental justice community leaders who can help determine if they will work. 

"Our goal is for communities with lower incomes to be early participants in the adoption of electric vehicles by employing a scalable model to tap utility savings to lower the costs of an EV and reduce regional emissions and local pollution. Pilot programs like the one we’ve formed with Fermata Energy, Enterprise and CSNDC have never been more urgently needed to equitably tackle the climate crisis at hand."

DeWitt Jones President, BlueHub Energy


This pilot is a part of BlueHub Capital's broader commitment to environmental justice and community empowerment. By working closely with local leaders and residents, the initiative seeks to not only improve technological access but also to ensure that these advancements lead to tangible improvements in people's lives.

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