Fast Company: Stabilize the Economy: Encourage Citizenship

June 19th, 2024

In a recent op-ed published in Fast Company, BlueHub Capital’s CEO, Elyse Cherry, emphasizes the importance of encouraging more immigrants to become citizens to stabilize our economy and workforce. She states, "Employers, business owners, and community leaders have an opportunity—a mandate even—to invite our immigrant neighbors to grow their participation in local economies and benefit from those economies through increased naturalization."

Naturalized citizens achieve better economic outcomes, including higher incomes and lower unemployment rates, and they play a crucial role in filling essential job positions. However, barriers such as high costs and time-consuming processes prevent many from pursuing citizenship. "Naturalized citizens out-earn noncitizens by 50%-70%, experience lower unemployment rates, and occupy more positions in highly skilled professions," Cherry highlights in the article.

[Images: bilanol / Adobe Stock]

To address these barriers, BlueHub Capital launched the One Percent for America initiative, which offers low-interest loans to make the naturalization process more accessible and affordable. This program aims to remove obstacles to citizenship, promoting economic equity and community growth. By supporting initiatives like these, businesses and community leaders can help build a stronger, more inclusive economy.

Read the full story and explore how businesses and community leaders can support this vital cause.