Ann B. and her rescue dogs outside of her farmhouse. Photo credit: Ann B.

BlueHub SUN Homeowner Ann

Ann B.
Lansdale, PA

In the heart of Lansdale, Pennsylvania stands a farmhouse more than a century old, radiating memories, love and resilience. This property, owned by Ann B. since 1999, is not just a home but a haven to numerous rescued animals.

"I bought this house with the inheritance left behind by my father. He saved diligently to ensure his children had a secure future,” said Ann. “Keeping this home wasn't just about financial reasons, it represented his love and legacy."

Ann’s mortgage was sold multiple times, due to her credit union closing, causing confusion of where to send the payment and even the amount, and eventually she went into foreclosure. Ann and her family never considered leaving their cherished home. "It's mortifying to lose one's home. We were financially stable, yet we ran into challenges with our mortgage loan and servicing companies.”

In her quest for solutions, Ann's colleague introduced her to BlueHub SUN in 2019. Ann applied and got a new affordable mortgage seven months later. Working with SUN, her family has found solace and stability.  

The farmhouse is not just a structure but a living, breathing ecosystem. Ann passionately shared, "The animals are such wonderful friends. We've had pigs, goats, ducks, alpacas, doves, chickens, dogs, cats and more over the years. Taking in older, special needs animals has been our calling." The sheep are favorites of her two grandchildren, who love visiting the farm.

The potential loss of their home would have been devastating, not just for Ann and her family, but for their beloved animals. "I cannot imagine what would have become of these animals if we hadn't found SUN," Ann said.

To those facing foreclosure, Ann offers comforting wisdom, "Take a deep breath. Remember there's no shame in facing difficulty. Life will move on, this too shall pass."

"I can't express how much SUN has done for families like ours. Throughout the process, I never felt disrespected or looked down on. We were treated with such compassion. We are so grateful that we and our animals still call this farm home.”