Photo credit: Marilyn Humphries

Adams Court

Nuestra Communidad Corporation
Mattapan, MA
Financing Used For
Solar Panels & Energy Upgrades
Loan Amount
$3 million

For decades, Adams Court has provided affordable rental apartments for 95 low-income families in Mattapan, a neighborhood of Boston. But many years ago, it was not known for its sustainability features.

Then Nuestra Communidad Corporation purchased the building and began an in-depth restoration project. Most visible are the brand-new kitchens, updated appliances, and gleaming hardwood floors. With the backing of BlueHub Capital, Nuestra Communidad engaged in deeper retrofits, too, upgrading mechanical, electrical and fire safety systems and installing new insulation and energy-efficient windows. Then attention turned to the flat roof. Again, Nuestra looked to BlueHub, this time to install solar panels, which provide almost 100% of the electricity needed for the building’s common areas.

By combining energy efficiency and conservation measures with renewable energy, Adams Court is reducing energy use and stabilizing its utility costs—allowing low-income residents of Mattapan to reduce their carbon footprints.