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BlueHub SUN Homeowner Amelia

Waldorf, MD

After ten years of service in the US Army, Amelia bought her Waldorf, Maryland, home in 2006. There she planned to enjoy her transition to civilian life, while raising her two sons.

Her plans began to unravel with the 2008 financial crisis. As a government employee, Amelia experienced a reduction of her income because of salary freezes, furloughs and fewer opportunities for overtime.

The contraction in Amelia’s income coincided with the end of the interest-only payment term of her previous mortgage. Amelia sought a modification from her prior lender but was denied.

“I kept being told that I didn’t qualify, because at that time I was still paying from my savings and they said they couldn’t help me,” Amelia explains.

Once principal payments were added to her monthly mortgage payments, Amelia fell behind. As a result, her prior lender foreclosed on her home in 2014.

Amelia feared losing her home—until she found SUN.

“I went to Maryland Hope Line for help, and when they first described SUN to me, it sounded too good to be true,” Amelia says. “SUN walked me through absolutely everything. They were so thorough—the whole process, whenever I had a question, they were there.”

The end result? SUN’s fixed-rate mortgage gave Amelia the financing she needed to stay in her home, repair her credit and stabilize her finances.

“The payments were reasonable again. I could make a comfortable budget,” Amelia says.

By working with SUN, Amelia’s mortgage amount and monthly payments were reduced so that she could afford her home while increasing her personal savings. In 2017, Amelia paid off her SUN loan and her shared appreciation mortgage in full. 

Now, with her home secure, Amelia can focus on spending time with her family—and helping her younger son with his college tuition.

“I just can’t thank SUN enough,” Amelia says.

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