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BlueHub SUN Homeowner: Deborah

Bellwood, IL

Outside of Chicago, the story of Deborah and her husband's experience stands as a powerful reflection of resilience, love and the steadfast determination to overcome adversity. It started with a simple yet concerning sign—a small dot on her husband’s eyelid. "I kept telling him, 'You really should get that looked at,'" Deborah recalled. This marked the beginning of a battle against cancer that tested their strength, faith and financial stability.

As they dealt with the healthcare system, the couple, who had previously enjoyed a stable and comfortable life, found themselves facing increasing medical bills and the real threat of losing their home to foreclosure. This financial pressure added significantly to the emotional and physical challenges posed by her husband's illness, leading them into a period of uncertainty and fear for their future.

Deborah described this time with sincerity, "It was about trying to keep my husband alive, navigating through treatments and medications we couldn't afford." Her words capture the essence of their struggle against cancer treatment's financial burden, alongside the potential loss of their home.

Deborah shared their relentless efforts and the emotional toll of trying to protect their home and her husband’s health. "We were determined to fight this, every step of the way, doing whatever it took for his treatment and to keep our home."

Despite Deborah's steady employment and their ability to afford ongoing mortgage payments, the couple had unfortunately fallen too far behind on their existing loan. This predicament was exacerbated by their mortgage servicer's unwillingness to offer workable solutions or negotiate terms that could have prevented their dire situation. "Even though I was working and we could technically afford a mortgage payment, we just couldn't catch up," is a reflection of Deborah's experience, capturing the essence of their struggle to find a path forward amidst stringent servicing policies.

In their journey towards finding stability and hope, Deborah and her husband found BlueHub SUN. “At first, I was skeptical, thinking, 'Is this just another dead end?” she reflected on her initial thoughts. This doubt stemmed from previous encounters with other lenders that promised much but delivered little.

However, the experience with SUN quickly began to stand apart. "They actually listened to us, which was a refreshing change," Deborah observed. This positive interaction was the first step in breaking down her skepticism and building hope.

SUN enabled Deborah to repurchase her home at a discounted rate, which resulted in a 27% reduction in their mortgage balance. Concurrently, this adjustment led to a significant decrease in their monthly mortgage payment by 23%, markedly easing their financial burden. Because her mortgage amount went down with her new SUN mortgage, Deborah also has a shared appreciation mortgage that she will pay when she decides to exit the program and only if her home has increased in value.

The assistance provided by SUN proved to be transformative for Deborah and her husband. "It was like a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders," she said, describing the relief they felt. The new mortgage restored a sense of security and optimism for the future. Along with this, Deborah's husband's health improved, and he was able to return to work, contributing to their path toward financial recovery.

Deborah's advice to others facing similar challenges is grounded in her experience. "Knowledge is power, and never let anyone belittle your struggle," she advises. This piece of advice emphasizes the importance of self-advocacy and finding respectful, genuine support.

Ending on a note that reflects Deborah's genuine sentiments about her experience with BlueHub SUN, she says, "BlueHub SUN didn't just help us financially; they helped us breathe again. To anyone feeling overwhelmed, know that there are people who want to help. Finding BlueHub SUN was like finding a beacon in our storm. They were our turning point."