Photo credit: Marilyn Humphries

BlueHub SUN Homeowner Randy

Randy B.
Spencer, MA

“Foreclosure is one of the scariest things that you can possibly go through,” Vietnam veteran Randy B. said. “Because at some point it means you’re out on the street.”

Randy bought his Spencer, Massachusetts, home in 1978. Town natives, he and his wife raised a son there. In 35 years, his wife, who paid all their bills, never missed a payment. However, in 2009, their finances began to unravel when she was diagnosed with a rare form of Parkinson’s disease.

By 2012, her condition grew worse and Randy took over the household finances. Only then did he learn that they were behind on their mortgage payments. Complicating matters was the fact that their mortgage had changed hands and it wasn’t clear who the lender was.

“No one knew where to send the payments,” Randy said. “With her being so sick, she really hadn’t known what to do, and I hadn’t known what was going on.”

After her death in 2014, Randy struggled for the next three years to get back on track. But the lender was unwilling to work out an arrangement. Foreclosure was imminent—until the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Attorney General’s Office referred Randy to the SUN Initiative. After years of uncertainty, he found clarity working with SUN staff.

“I want to do business with people I can talk to—not a computer. And I want to deal with people who tell me the truth,” Randy said. “SUN gave me that sense of security, that that’s what they’re there for: to give you a hand, to get you going, and you get it done.”

SUN worked with Randy to secure a loan that gave him a fresh start, freeing him from his previous lender. Above all, it’s the relationship with SUN that Randy values.

“With a mortgage, you have to work together,” he said. “The partnership with SUN is great. It is a team effort. If you work as a team with SUN, you should not have a problem.”

Thanks to SUN, Randy can enjoy his home: “This is a place of peace and quiet for me,” Randy said. “It’s my sanctuary.”

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