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BlueHub SUN Homeowner Robert B.

Robert B.
Milwaukee, WI

BlueHub SUN’s first loan in Wisconsin

Robert B.'s story of facing and overcoming the threat of eviction is a powerful narrative of resilience and the importance of preserving family heritage, particularly in times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. His journey, punctuated by personal struggles and eventual relief through BlueHub SUN, begins with a house rich in family history.

"It was my grandma's house," Robert shared, speaking of the home that holds a special place in his heart. This isn’t just any property; it's a familial treasure, a legacy left behind by his grandparents and his childhood home. "It's the house that my grandpa helped build," he added, underscoring the deep sentimental value of the home.

When the chance arose to purchase the home, he eagerly seized the opportunity. Despite some hurdles in acquiring the home, Robert's dedication was unmistakable, consistently meeting his financial commitment to paying the mortgage. "I had always made my payments on time, never late, never a penny short," he said, highlighting his reliability and meticulous approach to maintaining his financial responsibilities.

However, the stability Robert had maintained was upended by the pandemic. In April 2020, he lost his job, a situation that hit hard as he was living paycheck to paycheck. "Losing your job is... Yeah, that's never fun," Robert expressed, capturing the immediate distress caused by his sudden unemployment. Although he managed to make mortgage payments until May, the backlog in unemployment benefits meant no financial support was coming for months. "I went three months with basically no money coming in," he recounted.

Throughout 2021, Robert grappled with the fear of losing his family home. He sought a loan modification from his servicer but his application was denied. The situation worsened in 2022 when his loan was sold to another company, and foreclosure seemed inevitable as federal foreclosure moratoria instituted during the pandemic came to an end. "Every day from 2021 on, I was expecting a foreclosure notice," he said, conveying the constant anxiety he endured.

It was during this period of intense struggle that Robert found BlueHub SUN through an online search. BlueHub SUN offered a unique opportunity to Robert — a refinance transaction for homeowners in foreclosure. This novel approach allowed him to refinance his mortgage despite the looming threat of foreclosure, a service seldom offered by other lenders. As a result of this refinancing, Robert benefits from a smaller monthly payment, providing him with the much-needed financial relief to keep his family home.

The successful refinancing of Robert's mortgage with BlueHub SUN, the critical step in preserving his home, was finalized on a personally momentous day — the loan closed on his 37th birthday. This alignment of a pivotal financial breakthrough with a major life milestone underscored the beginning of a new chapter in Robert's life, marked by both personal growth and financial stability.

Reflecting on his experience and expressing his gratitude, Robert shared high praise for BlueHub SUN. "They are consummate professionals, A-plus-plus across the board. They exceed my expectations as to what you're working with," he said, appreciating the SUN team’s significant role in preserving his home.