Photo credit: Marilyn Humphries

BlueHub SUN Homeowners Denise & Jose

Denise & Jose R.
Fitchburg, MA

This is a story with two happy endings—but first there was some heartbreak. The problems really started six years ago. “We got divorced, with everything that happens in a divorce,” says Jose R. “I left Denise the house and she was able to pay for awhile, but as time went on she started having financial difficulties.”

The main problem was the second mortgage they had taken on to pay for an addition for their growing family. Denise tried to refinance twice, but both efforts failed. “We tried working something out with the bank, but they were awful.”

Then in Jose’s words, two miracles occurred.

“About a year ago, we got back together,” he continues. Soon after, their pastor’s wife read about SUN in the local paper. I said, “Let’s try it. What’s the worst that can happen?”

First, BlueHub SUN was able to bring down the mortgage payments by more than 50%, effectively eliminating the second mortgage. “We bought the house in 1996. It has a lot of sentimental value. We raised all the kids here. We have four daughters—the youngest one is 17 now—and five granddaughters. Now they are growing up here, too. That’s the best part.”

The second miracle is that Jose and Denise just remarried.

“Denise was really stressing over the mortgage; now that stress is gone. I thank God—and I thank SUN for actually doing what they advertise. They are great.”

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