Photo credit: Marilyn Humphries

BlueHub SUN Homeowners Phil & Lauren

Phil & Lauren B.
Blackstone, MA

It all began when Lauren had pregnancy problems and was put on bed rest. She had a home daycare business at the time and lost a few of her families, which cut into the income that she and Phil used to support their small children.

They asked for a modification on their mortgage, and their monthly payment was cut by $1,000. The change was supposed to kick in on November 1, but by the end of October, Phil and Lauren’s mortgage was sold out from under them.

Though the original company said not to worry, that the new company would keep the same revised terms, the new holder refused to honor the prior terms. They would only cut the payment by $50 per month. By December, the couple needed to pay $40,000, money they did not have. Then Lauren heard about SUN on the news; she was hesitant at first, because she had received so many phone calls from organizations that turned out to be scams.

“SUN was different; they helped us out big time,” says Lauren. “We got to keep our home and not disrupt our kids’ lives. And that means everything.”

By partnering with BlueHub SUN, Lauren and Phil were able to cut their monthly mortgage payment by 17%.

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