Photo credit: Marilyn Humphries

The Enterprise Building

Trinity Financial, Inc.
Brockton, MA
Financing Used For
Acquisition & Renovation
Loan Amount
$6 million
Loan Length
18–90 months
Number of Loans
Boston Private Bank

Brockton was once a thriving urban center brimming with opportunity, but over the past decades has suffered from disinvestment.

Brockton is identified as a “Gateway City” and BlueHub Capital is investing in its resurgence. Revitalization of the downtown includes the redevelopment of the Enterprise Building, home of local paper the Brockton Enterprise. Kenan Bigby of Trinity Financial, BlueHub Capital’s partner in the project, reports that the redeveloped city block features mixed-income housing, commercial real estate and spaces for cultural and municipal uses.

“Putting this deal together required a pretty complicated acquisition strategy. It took some vision to understand what we were talking about and¼a lot of unwinding to get site control,” said Bigby. BlueHub Capital, he said, “worked with us through all of it, providing the acquisition loan that enabled us to secure the site. They’re a great partner.”

Trinity has worked with the community to develop a multi-phase development program reflective of the goals of the city and its residents. The new development will occur in two phases and will restore several historic buildings for retail, commercial and housing uses.