Photo credit: Marilyn Humphries

Firehouse Place

Harborlight Community Partners
Hamilton, MA
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At BlueHub Capital, we know it is important to remember the past as we take strides towards building strong communities for the future. That’s why we partnered with the local nonprofit developer Harborlight Community Partners to preserve Firehouse Place, a historic building in a gentrifying neighborhood in Hamilton, MA.

A loan from BlueHub helped preserve affordable housing units and—to the delight of the community—a food pantry that serves the entire town. In financing the Firehouse Place project, BlueHub also helped to build the capacity of Harborlight Community Partners, who can expand their sphere of influence in other projects. Andrew DeFranza, the executive director of Harborlight, says of the project, “We see Firehouse Place as a linchpin to demonstrate to the North Shore that they can create contextually sensitive, properly scaled affordable housing that is driven by the community.”