Photo credit: Marilyn Humphries

Onset Shared Solar Program

Cranberry Manor
Wareham, MA

For Kelissa S. it was an easy decision. “I’m all about saving money. I have a tight budget; I figured even if it only saved me five dollars a month, five dollars is five dollars.” So she signed up to receive net metering solar credits as part of BlueHub’s Onset Shared Solar Program, which generates solar energy offsite, then sells the credits at a discount to nearby affordable housing developments. As a bonus, residents of two of those developments can sign up to have a percentage of the credits applied to their monthly electricity bills.

Kelissa learned about the program when the property manager slid a letter under her door. “I thought, ‘Why not try it?’ I called a number and gave them my information. It was really easy to sign up.” Kelissa saw immediate savings on her bill.

“There have been a few months when I owed nothing on my electric bill—and one month I actually had a credit. And I run two air conditioners,” she exclaims. “I was one of the first people to sign up—I think other people thought it sounded too good to be true, so they thought it must be a scam. But it is true.”

“I’ll be honest. I signed up to save money. But then I took a course in environmental science, and I understand a lot more about what our society is doing to the planet. We need to think about what it will be like when our children grow up,” Kelissa says. “The environment is really important and we all need to do everything in our power to care for it. Most of the time it’s easy. Like recycling; it’s no harder to put an empty bottle in the recycling bag than in the trash bag.”

“This program is another example,” she says. “I live in an apartment building, so typically I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of solar. But the Shared Solar Program for Cranberry Manor makes it so easy. Everyone in my apartment building could do their part. And then these programs could expand to other parts of the country that currently aren’t as eco-friendly.”

“Everything about the program is great, from saving the environment to saving us money. Everyone should have it.”

Kelissa S. resident of Cranberry Manor in Wareham, MA and participant in its shared solar program