Rendering of Bronx Pro and S:US’s Starhill project. Credit: Marvel Architects


Bronx Pro Group, LLC
Bronx, NY
Financing Used For
Loan Amount
$1 million
Loan Length
12 months
Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)

A proposed new development will transform Starhill, a 1920s hospital that has recently been functioning as a residential treatment facility. With a $1 million predevelopment loan from BlueHub, Bronx Pro and Services for the UnderServed (S:US) are teaming up to build a new 320-unit facility; 200 units will be for homeless individuals with substance use disorders, the balance will be housing for people with low incomes. A second phase of development will add an additional 255 units of housing.

Arlo Chase, S:US Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Property Development, shares the thinking behind the project. “The preferred treatment for addiction recovery is a 30-day inpatient stay, with a transition to permanent housing. But people struggle to find permanent affordable housing.” Now, Starhill will supply that longer-term need, and supply additional much-needed housing. “We are providing beautiful new homes for almost 600 households, 275 directly from the New York City shelter system.” 

Development partner Samantha Magistro, Chief Executive Officer of Bronx Pro, adds, “Housing is a critical agent of change. We need to have clear intention in community development; we need to create more opportunities using fewer resources. Through this partnership with S:US we are able to support very vulnerable New Yorkers.”