Huffington Post Features BCC in “Socially Responsible Investing: Whence Did We Come? And Whither Are We Going?”

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Boston Community Capital was recently featured in the Huffington Post article, "Socially Responsible Investing: Whence Did We Come? And Whither Are We Going?”  The article, written by Robert Zevin, describes the creation of socially responsible investing and its future.   In addition, Zevin names successful socially responsible invesment options, including Boston Community Capital.  Zevin writes:

"Most examples of successful use of investment money to combat poverty (Accion, Boston Community Capital, Grameen Bank, Oikocredit, Shared Interest and Chicago's Shore Bank among others) result in very small returns to investors and sometimes depositors, although no losses."
“My vision for the next twenty years of social investing, more hope than forecast, is to go back to the future. The social investment industry will again become a movement for fundamental social change, part of the solution as people used to say in the 1960s, not the problem. My earnest hope is that as social investors we can be at the forefront of an effort to move reasonable human values of equality, sustainability, peace and love, back closer to the middle of our work, our lives and our society; and that we can wholeheartedly declare our independence from the rest of the investment industry, with its sorry record of deception, self-enrichment and ill-served clients. Then we would better serve our clients and our mission at the same time.”

Read the article here.