Bisnow: Transforming Nubian Square

May 2nd, 2024

As part of the many developments revitalizing Boston’s Nubian Square into a cultural and economic hub, known to many as the new "Black Wall Street," BlueHub Capital remains deeply involved. BlueHub's investment in its own neighborhood is more than financial—it's a commitment to sustainable, community-focused development.

BlueHub Loan Fund's financial contributions have supported critical developments, including the Franklin Cummings Tech campus, Nubian Square Ascends, Drexel Village, NUBA Apartments, and 2147 Washington Street. Each project underscores BlueHub’s commitment to fostering inclusive growth and sustainable community development.

Karen Kelleher, President of BlueHub Loan Fund, emphasizes the pivotal role of public leadership in these transformative projects.

"Public leadership is critical to this work," Kelleher states. "Many of the deals we've talked about are deals that are happening on city-owned land, where the city has been very intentional in selecting local, community-based developers or teams that include community-based developers to reconstruct their own neighborhood."

This ongoing transformation is not just about building structures, but also about nurturing the socioeconomic fabric of the community, providing affordable housing, and enhancing local commerce. The redevelopment efforts aim to reflect and serve the needs and aspirations of the residents, ensuring that Nubian Square thrives with community pride and economic opportunity.

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