Electricity Prices Spike

December 16th, 2022

Electricity and home heating costs will spike this winter

According to the US Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration, homeowners should expect electricity and heating prices to increase from last year. The following projections are for expected costs for Oct. 2022 to Mar. 2023: 

  • Natural gas: $931 (28% increase) 
  • Heating oil: $2,354 (27% increase)
  • Electricity: $1,359 (10% increase)
  • Propane: $1,668 (5% increase)

Be prepared to put more of your household budget towards utilities. 

As a result of these increases, many families will be facing unaffordable home energy prices in the months ahead. So what can you do if you need assistance paying your utility bills this year? Find out in the tips & tricks section below.

If you need assistance paying your heating bills this winter, check if you are eligible for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)LIHEAP helps eligible, low-income households with their heating and cooling energy costs, bill payment assistance, crisis assistance, weatherization and energy-related home repairs. To find the services available in your area, click on your state below

LIHEAP helps individuals and families heat their homes during the winter. If eligible, one may also receive a discounted rate on their electric and gas bills. 

Learn about fuel assistance | Mass.gov

LIHEAP offers two fuel assistance grants: heating assistance and crisis assistance. For heating assistance, individuals or families will receive a grant paid directly to their fuel or utility company. Crisis assistance will help with finances during a heating crisis: when the heat is turned off because of inability to pay or problems with the heating system. 

Find out if you are eligible and learn more about the application process:

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) | RI Department of Human Services

Connecticut residents can receive an average assistance of $250 to $600, depending on household size and income level. This monetary assistance towards an individual or family's heating bill is usually paid directly to the utility company or fuel vendor. 

A recipient may also qualify for protection from shut-offs, repairs for heating equipment, and matching payment plans. Check to see if you are eligible: Connecticut Energy Assistance Program

Maryland's Office of Home Energy Programs issues many forms of grants, providing financial support for heating, electric, and past due electric and gas bills. In addition, they provide services that protect people from utility turn-offs, improve and repair homes, and assist with water bills. 

Find out if you are eligible and learn more about the application process: Energy/Water Assistance - Maryland Department of Human Services

Illinois provides assistance for both heating and water bills. The application period is typically between the beginning of September to the end of May, except when there is still funding available. Eligibility is based on income level and household size. 

More information on the state's utility and energy assistance programs: Utility Energy Assistance (illinois.gov)

New Jersey provides assistance to help with the cost of heating bills and medically necessary cooling bills. The application process begins on October 1st. To apply, one must be responsible for the household's heating or cooling bills and have a gross income that is at or below 60% of the state's median income. For specifics on eligibility guidelines, a table is provided through the link below to easily cross reference a resident's household size with their monthly gross income.

NJ Utility Assistance Programs

Utility assistance may be provided to those living in low-income households. Assistance includes helping budget and lower monthly bills, providing referral services during emergencies, and issuing grants to pay utility bills. 

Utility Assistance Programs | PA PUC

Ohio provides a multitude of programs to help individuals and families with the cost of electric, natural gas, telephone, and water bills. These programs include payment plans, crisis assistance, and weatherization services. 

Find out more about specific programs: Utility assistance programs | Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Michigan provides energy assistance by helping with the cost of utility bills; individuals and families can apply using the MiBridges portal. In addition, services are provided to help participants pay their bills on time, budget their utility expenses, and enroll in affordable payment plans.

Michigan Energy Assistance Program

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